Thursday, November 18, 2010


its 12:08am and my eyes are dry and sore. but i can't go to sleep yet because i have to wait to pick up my sister. sigh. if there's one thing bad about now having my license and being able to drive, it's that all the late night pickups of my siblings get shoved to me. i better get a decent sleep in tomorrow, i haven't slept well in so long, and i'm tired all the time. haven't been able to enjoy my holidays properly yet, although the time right after my last exam was pretty fun. 

last saturday was my volleyball club's function, and i received the div 1 women's player's player of the year award hehe =). that was fun. wish i had the guts to make a speech though...but i get really bad stage fright even if there actually is no stage and its just people looking at me ><. 

sunday i cleaned my room - it's already starting to become messy again haha....damn.

monday i worked and went to training for the first time in a couple of weeks - my hitting was so off, i could barely hit anything. the only thing i could actually do was serve and sort of pass hahahahaha fail.

tuesday i ended up going shopping with my mum and sis - bought a decent dress, and a couple of other items of clothing i forget. 
tuesday night i went to karaoke with my bf and his friends. pretty sure it was the best time at karaoke i'd ever had haha. initially i was all quiet and sat there while everyone else sang, but then the songs that were on were just too good to just be shy and sit there for. so in the end i um, "sang" and yeh haha. fun =D

wednesday i just went to work, and my last volleyball training until the next uni semester starts. sigh i'm gonna get soooo behind in my skills. but i think my last volleyball training was pretty good - i was actually hitting pretty well even though my timing on my run up wasn't as great, and i kept losing my balance. OMG it was so hard to jump! i really have put on quite a bit of weight ever since the exam period started loool not good (TIME TO GO ON A DIET). omg im so sleepy, i hope i dont' crash and die when i go pick up my sister. sleeeeeeeeeepyyyyy.......

woo things to look forward to over the next week:
1. MS's birthday party...HOMG CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN <3
2. ROAD TRIP! =)

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