Thursday, November 25, 2010

back from road trip!

I'M BACK! Road trip was pretty fun, even though there was a lot of drama from the very beginning.

Day 1

Got up at 8am to finish packing & waited for TL to pick me up. He told me he was going to pick me up at 8:40am, and instead, called me at 8:50am to tell me he just left the house -_-

Anyway, after he picked me up, we went to pick up IT and waited outside his house for 10 minutes. Then we headed back to TL's house, and got maccas on the way, with TL trying to finish his food before AW came to get him. 

bla bla bla.

Well, after all this driving around of people, TL AW and V16 went to go get alcohol. Why I'm calling V16 V16 is because they wasted over half an hour of time getting alcohol and failing because the asian lady at the Stratty Dan Murphy's refused to sell them alcohol because V16 looked 16yo and didn't bring his ID (he's 20). EPIC FAIL!

One thing you should know is that we were going up to the place we were staying in two groups - we had two houses, and one had a late check in time due to the people staying before us having a late checkout time - we were meant to be the early group. Turns out, we left at least 2 hours later than planned, and became the late group -_-. 

Once we got to the house, the guys and girls already there had bags-ed their respective rooms, leaving a few people unhappy due to the un-thoughtfulness of the situation :( sadface. Let's call the "early" group of people, who were meant to be the late people, Group A, a few individuals Group B, and the rest, Group C. As you might have figured out, there was quite a bit of segregation going on, but anyway, onwards!

We went shopping - food was bought separately for both houses, in order to make the splitting of receipts easier (this ended up failing after the first night). We had spaghetti bolognaise the first night and it was pretty good. I helped wash up, and then took a shower before heading to the other house for drinking!

We had Court - I'm not gonna explain it, it takes too much time, and this post is prob gonna be long enough already. Essentially, AW and GS were the Honourables, and the rest, Brothers and Sisters. etc etc etc. We ended up playing a few drinking group games, such as car crash, antlers, numbers, and "the duck jumped in the lake plop". Didn't get wasted :(

Day 2

Ok this post is starting to get too long, and my memory is failing. I'll just summarise.

Started watching Glee again.

Picked up KL from train station 40 min away. 

Fish and chips for lunch (wasn't that great). V16 had fish and chips on Day 3 and it smelled and looked heavenly.

Beach - made a Aztec pyramid with TL <3 had paws, like a sphinx O_O. And there was some ice cream mountain nearby which I demolished cos it sucked :p. 

Dinner - BBQ (yummy!) Aeroguard passed around. ND literally disappeared in a cloud of aeroguard, that's how much he was spraying on himself. Dramadramadrama. Saw TT in the windows of the upstairs of the other house with HL and she was very upset :( I don't know why, but I tried to comfort her, and probably failed because I had no idea what was going on. I think it had something to do with Group A. 

Drink time - OMG FUNNIEST NIGHT EVER. We played Chinese Whispers Action Style for the majority of the night, and it was awesome. Couldn't stop laughing :D. The best night I've had for a while, easy. After a while, TL, who said he was gonna chuck an all-nighter, fell asleep while everyone else was still awake. We then proceeded to play random rhythm games, and then after TL woke up, we sorta sat there in awkward silence doing nothing, and I decided to leave and go watch Glee or something in bed. 

Go up to my house and Group A hurriedly beckons me over to help them finish their alcohol LOL. We had 7 shots of QF each, and I had some vodkamelon (which tasted foooul haha) and watched them all get MAG and stumble over eachother and gradually get louder and louder (they were trying to be quiet in the beginning because there was someone sleeping on the couch right next to us), until CW came upstairs and told them off for being loud. Me, AL and JL were still alright, but then JL started getting emotional after being called fat by DL naaww, so then she was gone too LOL. AL and I started eating shapes and watching the drunk proceedings. I then had a vodka orange and decided not to have anymore. They had yummy chocolate choc chip icecream mmmm, so yummy. I also witnessed some pretty evil planning going on, and I was pretty taken aback lol. They ran out of Midori, and someone from Group B, i think it was DC, had some left in the fridge, and this guy started planning about how we could just take some and if we replaced it with coloured water or something, they would never know. The others were against it ofc, but I think the guy might have kept pushing if I didn't say, "why don't you just pay for what you drank tomorrow when he wakes up?" - everyone agreed with that idea, but I can't believe that evil plan came up in the first place :(.

Day 3

Woke up late.

Watched "Salt"

Watched "Glee" while waiting for Group A (who went on a trip to National Park) to get ready to go beach. Randomly witnessed tension between A, CW and K. A left us (yes he literally left the roadtrip and went home to Sydney) while we went to the beach. I don't know if it was a result of the tense argument, but we were told it was family matters ><. Hope everything turns out alright for him.

Went to beach - went up some 45 degree angled sand slope. I WAS SCARED FOR MY LIFE. Saw some dolphins from the top of this sand hill, then started going down to see if we could see them because they looked like they were heading towards the beach. TL tried to get me to overcome my fear by jumping on the hill, and i was so scared. On the way down, I crawled. Backwards. With my eyes firmly closed. It didn't help that the wind was blowing sand painfully against my skin and face. TL had gone ahead and zoomed to the bottom of the hill, but I was so scared ><. He came back up again and helped me the rest of the way down because the reason I was getting owned so badly by the sandstorm was because I was practically sliding down the hill. Once I stood up, the sand wasn't killing me anymore :)

Then me and TL went pippy-ing. My grand total for this trip was 2. TL's grand total was 2, but it was more like 1/2, because they were 2 little baby ones, which died -_-. One of mine died :(, but I watched the other one dig itself back into the sand. 

Everyone took jumping photos (like the Toyota ones) and then proceeded to try a human pyramid. I think there was 5 on the base and OMG they wanted me to go on the top. By the time we were up to the 2 people, it was already way higher than my head, and people started looking wobbly, so I didn't go up (scared of heights, and scared of dying by gettin squashed if I fell off the pyramid).

Dinner - dominos pizza. more drama with a pizza mixup, where Group A took TT and HL's pizza (which was puff crust - their one was meant to be pan) :(. TT was very angry and HL looked pretty upset :( i also had a little spiff with TL because I said we should've gotten a whole pizza each instead of half halfing and he got upset because I usually tell him off for overordering food, and this time I told him off for under-ordering food. Sorry dearrrr *huggles* <3

Drinking - played the flip the cup game. I rock at it, not to be boastful or anything. I only got punished once for losing, and it was a "Challenge" round by TL -_- HMPH PUTTING ME UNDER PRESSURE. Other rounds, 8/10 times I beat TL :D hehehe. yuk, tequila. 

also played 21 and the fives game. 

the night ended up with AW slapping people, hard, and getting a throbbing red hand that was almost purple =O. he wanted to slap people in the face... O_O scary (he said it was fun). 

Day 4

Pack up and left by 10. We took some photos, and V16 tried to destroy my new camera by playing with the lens (which was also the on off button). >=(!

Watched Glee on TL's laptop the whole way back, until the battery died :(


anyway yeh, and then i got home and did chores.

3/5 of our family going to china tomorrow. the next 2 weeks are either gonna be filled with loads of work to do, or freedom! :D. Either way I'm going to be tired.

Ok, I'm done for now, gotta go call my darling :)

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