Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is coming !

Today I was meant to go to a beach with my friends (and the weather was perfect for it=( ), but most people were sick, so I decided to postpone it (yet again sigh). I then thought I would have another boring day, but in the end SM and I went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

Omg, Christmas shopping made me feel so happy inside! Except maybe I'll regret how much I spent later...I'm going to add up the receipts now ><... around $211 for my  loved ones! Oh and add another $69... so around $280 in total! holy shitt. I hope I get some presents lol...=)

I also went to visit my darling TL, who I haven't seen lately because he's sick =(. His family don't really celebrate Christmas, so I bought him a little tree that lights up and stuck it on top of the presents I bought him =). On that note, we haven't set up our Christmas tree yet, and Christmas is nearly upon us! I reckon this is the latest we have ever left the setting up of the tree =(.

anyway, more later, i'm off! If I don't find my way back on blog before Christmas/New Year...