Saturday, November 6, 2010


Oh my f***ing god.

My brother is currently throwing a 10th birthday party, and boy was it a mistake to have a house party. You probably all know how 9yo and 10yos are. LOUD. And they don't listen to you. I hope we never do this again, because I swear, I just want to yell at all of them. Well there are some exceptions, but the majority drowns out whatever protests the good ones are trying to make. I've yelled at this one boy now, because he doesn't listen, and he stole the good boy's plate of sushi, AND when we told him to close the door because there's some wasps nests outside, he opened it till it couldn't go any further, and i just snapped and yelled CLOSE THE DOOR >=( >=( >=(!!!!! 

Oh, and I really don't like one of my little bro's friends. I reckon he's gonna grow up to be a real dickhead - he's downright rude, damn annoying, and reckons he can do whatever he wants. Like when we were handing out icecream, he was fully going CAN I HAVE ONE CAN I HAVE ONE, and i just said YOU'LL GET ONE JUST CALM DOWN. And then you know what happened? He only ate half of it, and then said he didn't want it anymore. WTF. I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE YOU LITTLE BOY. I hope my bro will outgrow him, because I don't want someone like him to be influencing my little brother. Unfortunately, he lives very near us, so we've had to put up with him many times already. Gawd. 

AND SOMEONE CAME INTO MY ROOM AND DRIPPED ICECREAM ON THE FLOOR WHEN WE CLEARLY SAID TO EAT ICECREAM AT THE TABLE. SCREW YOU. I'm actually quite proud of myself that I didn't go and yell at the group of boys as soon as I saw it. 

Anyway, I have the biggest headache ever, and what a waste of my study time. And because they were so loud, the silence is even more deafening now. 

Anyway there's my bitch for now. ciao


wtf, the little boy i hate is still downstairs! my mum was trying to tell him that she was going, so he had to go with the other guys who were all somewhere else (he was the only one left downstairs playing my sister's ipad). He was just like, "" to everything my mum said. I then proceeded to lose it, went downstairs and yelled "(NAME) STOP PLAYING", to which he replied "ok" straight away and put the ipad down and quickly left. I think he realises that I don't like him now. 


I also walked into a metal thing protruding from the door frame. Ouchie =(

OMG HOW SWEET MY TWO FRIENDS ARE ENGAGEDDDDD!! Finally! Hehe so happy for them =D


  1. what you mean stuck in the toilet? her butt got stuck?

    No, she couldn't open the locked door ROFL

  3. seriously?? that's funny. please tell me u recorded this funniness=)