Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok, let's start from yesterday. Yesterday was my boss' birthday, and only me and one of my friends were in, so we went to buy him cake from Lindt cafe. I can't believe we went to buy cake on a whim, and bought like, the best chocolate cake I've ever had. EVER!! It made me so happy =)

Celebration du Chocolat: $40

"The ultimate celebratory chocolate cake from Lindt comprises layers of irresistable dark chocolate cake, separated by Lindt's finest milk chocolate mousse, all encased by a chocolate ganache & ribbons of milk and dark chocolate."

OMG. I didn't even research this cake before we went to buy it. I thought it looked a lil ordinary when we first bought it, but omfg it tastes heavenly. YUMYUM.

The "Lindt Maitre Chocolatier" was a side of the box folded down to make it look like a fancy label hehe =)
Dodgy picture though, should have taken a better one. My bad!
The delicious inside of the cake! Mmmm...layers of dark chocolate cake separated by Lindt chocolate mousse...I CAN SEE YOU DROOLING!

My slice =). Did i have a second slice? OF COURSE. I would have had more if I didn't eat so much lunch. Damn.

Choga Korean Barbeque Restaurant
Shop 8, 106-107 Quay Street Haymarket NSW

 Delicious food, friendly service...the only thing that was bad was the fact there wasn't enough ventilation where I was sitting. And that we had to ask the staff if they could refill the oranges bowl twice. The first  time the guy might not have heard me cos apparently I can't speak English properly according to my bf HMPH =\

Me and my boyfriend (<3) went to Choga yesterday night - the one near UTS with the $10 all you can eat korean buffet. But bf wanted to bbq meat too, so we got the all you can bla bla bla for $25 each. There's another offer for 4 people at $22 each, but its not unlimited, and there's a set menu. Anyway, I don't know why he decided to take us to an all you can eat buffet, especially since I'm getting fat and he's just started going to the gym to lose some weight and build some more muscles. 

ANYWAY, I was really hungry, and before the meat had even started cooking I already had plates of the already cooked buffet food on our table and started eating it really fast. I had heaps of those yummy entree potatoes you get in Korean restaurants. After all that, I got full on the meat really fast, and was sitting there for a good half an hour while bf kept eating haha pig. 

At one point I was falling asleep and looking dead and bf complained that he didn't want to be seen with a girl who looked like a stoner. So I woke myself up by talking about completely random things which was fun. Name a fruit starting with C. It took me ages to figure out -_-. By the time I figured it out, my bf forgot why he was talking about it haha. 

Anyway, the rest of the night was alright, we bought the drink I always buy from Easyway - Lychee blended ice (sometimes I get it with grape jelly yum so sweet). 

Shop G21A, 372 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford
No rating. That's because I've been here so many times I can't remember how I felt the first time I went there.

I love this place. I go quite frequently, the guy who owns the place knows me and my family haha. It's a cheap place with yummy Korean/Japanese food. I usually get the Chilli Pork for $13.50 because it's my favourite, and that's all I have ever eaten every time I go there. I LOVE CHILLI FOOD OMG. Anyway yeh, I remember once I got something else, like Japanese curry or something, and it was pretty good, but I regretted it because my dad got the Chilli Pork and I was jealous *nods*. I don't care if you say that if I go to the same place frequently I should get something else you know, get some variety but SCREW THAT. I GO THE ICHIRANG FOR CHILLI PORK AND THAT'S ALL =D. Go there, it's YUMYUM.

AHAHAHA THIS WHOLE POST WAS ABOUT FOOD. I love food. And these two days were filled with my favourite food. So yup =D. OMG I NEED TO GO ON A DIET. I'm gonna do some research on diets and compare and maybe see if I'll actually bother going on one. But not now.

Hope I made you drool =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fatstorm? I'm sorry, I meant thunderstorm. That's what the weather is like right now. It was such a perfect day this morning...Anyway, if you wanted to know, I'm just a tad frightened of thunder. I know that it isn't rational, because its just the sound lightning makes - and that's what I should be afraid of, if I were to choose between the two. But no, I think lightning is pretty, and the sound just scares me. Woo for being irrational!

Anyway, I cannot stress how much staying at home and "studying" is making me fat. I'm sitting here, and a few hours later I look to the side and there's empty wrappers where chocolate and other snacks used to be. I have this thing where I eat non-stop. I need to keep my mouth moving and tasting yummy food! I can't help myself. It didn't matter so much when I was playing volleyball three times a week, but it's been a couple of weeks since I've gone to training because of the need to study, and now it is so noticeable that I've gotten chubbier. Gawd. And the thing is, no matter how much I tell myself that I need to stop snacking, I still find myself grabbing a handful of snacks before heading to my room. Heck, I've got some chocolates and haw flakes next to me on the table right now.

SO. I have decided. I will go to the gym in the huge 3.5 month break I have, and work off the excess fat, and maybe even keep fit, instead of letting myself go like last year. And when I say letting myself go, I don't mean pigging out everyday and returning to uni looking like a whale, but I just lost my fitness. It killed me when we got a new volleyball coach, whose first 10 trainings or so all we did was fitness. I hope I'll get fitter in the holidays and I won't have to go through as much pain when we do those fitness sessions again next year.

Hmm, I think I should also stop saying "omg, i'm so fat now" to my friends, because all they reply with is "No you're not!", and tell me that I'm skinny. I know that's probably what I wanted to hear, subconsciously or something, but I should stop. Because them reassuring that I'm skinny will reassure me that I can keep eating and everything will be okay. And if I get used to this habit of continuously eating, I think in the future I will definitely definitely get obese. So yeh.

I need to stop (probably gradually, not straight away, or I'll suffer from continuous food withdrawals) - better make that reduce - my eating habits, so that I won't end up a fatso in the future.

And OMG, I should be studying but I am so obsessed with Glee right now. I know I know, I'm behind the times and whatnot but I DON'T CARE. I loves it. =3

glee- i mean, STUDY time!


Rents say its a waste of money to go to the gym. So instead, I will *cringe* jog every day? Maybe go bike riding. Play a bit of soccer. Etc etc. No gym tho.

Monday, October 25, 2010

i want to party


I WANT TO PARTY!'s exam time. Exams are in just over a week and i'm screweddd. I keep procrastinating, for e.g. creating this blog LOL. And finding all these videos to watch. THE STRANGE THING IS...when there's no work or exams to study for, I can't find anything to do.

OMG. Nothing! HAHA.

I'm currently on the phone with my cake, and he's distracted by the tv =(. I'M NOT INTERESTING ENOUGH waaaaaah blablabla.

Anyway, like I was saying, I'm screwed for my exams. Gawd. And now that I have found out that my cake has left his hard drive full of series and movies at my place......MORE TEMPTATION! gah. this is badddd.

Oh, hey you know what show I'm obsessed with right now? SHERLOCK. Oh em gee, it's so epic. And Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect guy to play Sherlock seriously! I mean, when I first saw the previews of the first episode I was like, gawd, this doesn't look too promising but it is epic! <3.>cuteee childish smile just before the flat across the road explodes. He's soo pretty =3. The first episode was so funny: "Anderson, don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street"; *Silence* "Shut up" "What? I wasn't talking" "You were thinking, stop it, its annoying" (something along the lines of that). HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE ok i'll stop now. I can't wait till next year for the next season though =(. Moriarty is creepy. I hate his voice.

Ok, that's enough random stuff for now, my cake is getting bored.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner was maddening

Mamy cafe
China's Tastiest Dumplings
42 George St Parramatta
My score: 2/5

I toyed around with the idea of giving it a zero score, but that would be OTT, especially because I thought the food was actually alright. It definitely lost 3 due to poor service and just being terribly disorganised.

When I first went into this restaurant, the first thing that hit me was the noise. It was seriously, like walking to a wall of just sound. I looked ahead and there were two big tables filled with people who were just yelling at eachother - no they weren't angry, they were simply conversing. If you have walked into a Chinese restaurant on a Saturday night, you probably know what I mean. I am actually quite accustomed to the sound, but there was something about the place that just made the sounds echo and echo, and people just talked louder to talk over the echo and the whole process would just never end.

The first problem we ran into was when the waitress asked us what we would like to drink. We asked for a jug of water, and she said that they didn't have jugs. So we asked for tea, because tea is what you would generally expect to be served in Chinese restaurants for dinner right? Five minutes later, the same waitress comes out and says they ran out of hot water (wtf?) and she would just get us some tap water. We agreed, and she came back with a 1L (i actually don't know how much water it holds, I'm just guessing) glass bottle of water. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Okay, we did ask for a jug of water, but come on -_-.

Half an hour later, we were still sitting there without food. We also noticed that a family that had come in after us had gotten their food before us, and get this - their first dish was the first dish we had ordered. When we realised this, we started noticing that all the other tables were getting a constant flow of dishes being delivered to their table while we sat there. I don't know how many times we called over the waitress (who shall henceforth be called girl) and she would just say "I'll go check on your order for you". My dad didn't even get his beer within the first 1/2 hr, and even when we asked the girl about it, she said "ohh", went to go get it (or so we thought) and proceeded to deliver another dish to another table. We had to ask her again for her to bring it to our table.

Anyway within the first hour, we only got one dish, which happened to be one bowl of noodles that we had to share. By this time we were all pretty angry at this shitty service we were receiving, but I thought the noodles were pretty nice. We polished it off within minutes, and went back to waiting. I'm not going to go through all the details, but lets just say it involved a lot of waiting, us yelling at multiple girls (not because we were angry, but because they were having trouble hearing us over the noise from the other tables) and more waiting.

In conclusion, Mamy cafe's service was terrible and it was one of the worst dinner experiences I've had in my life so far.

Anyway, this is my first post on my new blog, and I'm just telling you that it isn't going to be a food blog or something like that. It was just a crap dinner situation that I wanted to share with you, and rating it out of 5 was just for fun =D. I'm off to study now!